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+ Amira looks at the camera with a slight smile, heavy glam makeup, and black/silver faux locs

Protecting Your Magic With Amira Aro

Join Amira Aro for a conversation and gentle reminders about consent, boundaries, and relationship green flags as ways to protect you and your magic. Featuring the words and wisdoms of Black MaGes such as Adrienne Marie Brown and her book Pleasure Activism.

Friday, October 2, 11 AM-12 PM PT

+ A portrait of Dalia Kinsey

Honoring Your Body Wisdom and Using Nutrition for Self-Empowerment With Dalia Kinsey

Eating is meant to be a joyful experience. Beauty norms and weight standards with white supremacist origins have undermined how most folx relate to food. You deserve an abundant delicious life. Learn to reject the lies of diet culture and heal your relationship with food and your body.

Saturday, October 3, 11 AM – 1 PM PT

+ A portrait of VanessaSoulXo and her Drum

Diversity & Healing Session–Let’s Talk About It. With Vanessa LeMaistre

Join VanessaSoulXo for a shamanic drum journey where she will guide you through this meditative practice as you will explore deep and powerful questions for personal transformation. The questions will require courage, however you will be in a safe and sacred space. This offering will begin with a guided meditation. Vanessa will then speak about this ancient shamanic practice and what having your power animal means in shamanism. Then she will facilitate an interactive conversation about being black right now in America. This will then lead to a shamanic drum journey where you can gain guidance to powerful questions that may arise in conversation. This offering will conclude with a sacred ritual that you can take with you.

Sunday, October 4, 3-4 PM PT

+ Photo of African-American women standing behind a microphone on a stand getting ready to perform.

We All We Got, We All We Need! With Latriece Love-Goodlett

Physical distancing does not have to equal social distancing. How do we authentically show up for ourselves and others with compassion and transparency with so much uncertainty surrounding us? You’re invited to come as you are and welcome others with (NO SHADE/NO SHAME) as we intentionally buildup our community and hold space for one another with empathy, human connection, and refreshing dialogue. There will be interactive fun, self- reflection, group sharing, dancing and a musical performance featuring GoodLOVE- a husband and wife duo comprised of Latriece Love-Goodlett & David Goodlett. You’ll also get sneak peaks of the littles wfh with kids. đŸ™‚

Sunday, October 4, 4-6 PM PT

+ A happy smiling woman with curly brown hair looking at the camera. She is wearing a white blouse with red flowers.

Sharing Survival Strategies for School, Work, and Other Professional Environments With Tasman Cleaver, M.A.

This will be a safe space where we can share and provide support for one another in response to experiences of oppression in academic or professional environments.

Monday, October 5, 6-8 PM PT

+ A portrait of Goddess Carroll

My Black Body and Inner Wisdom Keeper With Goddess #1

What stories and narratives have your ancestors passed on to you? What ones do you wish to carry/release? Join Goddess in unpacking how generational trauma and anti-Blackness is stored in our bodies and minds, and deepen the process of repairing what has been stolen. Through mediation, writing, and discussion we will come back to our soul.

Wednesday, October 7, 4-6 PM PT

+ A portrait of Amber Walker

Soulutionary With Amber Walker

Soulutionary was created to support us in a gentle and compassionate way to advocate the importance of self care during the pandemic. It is a highly stressful time for many so it is important to make ourselves aware of keeping our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health intact. Soulutionary is a safe and judgement free space to fellowship, vocalize frustrations, express vulnerability and create healing energy. Soulutionary’s aim is to help gently guide to find solutions and come to a resolution.

Thursday, October 8, 3:30-4:30 PM PT

+ Smiling picture of Richard from the torso upwards.

Building Consent Culture and Healthy Masculinity For All Genders With Richard M. Wright

This is an interactive workshop to empower attendees with the tools to foster consent culture and healthy masculinities in themselves, their families and communities. We will work on honoring our own boundaries, as well as the boundaries of others.

Friday, October 9, 12 PM – 2 PM PT

+ Natasha, a Black femme with glasses, looks directly into the camera with a small smile.

Enduring Flame: A Collective Energy Healing Meditation to Ease Grief and Remember Sweetness With Natasha L. Simpson

A space to journey inward, together, to honor our grief from what (internalized) oppression has taken, and still claim the sweetness of ourselves.

Saturday, October 10, 3-4:30 PM PT

+ Healing from Momma Flyer. Text above reads: Healing from Momma. Text below reads: A Journey Within Through Creative Writing

Healing From Momma – A Journey Within Through Creative Writing With Teshone Renee’ Jones

We love our Mommas. And, some of us have experienced some of our deepest hurt from our Mommas, too. Sometimes, this reality makes Momma hard to love, and having a relationship with her difficult or nearly impossible. This workshop is a space for telling it like it is, witnessing, healing ourselves, and supporting the healing process of other BIPOC self-identified womxn as we journey towards a deeper relationship with self. We will practice creative writing through “divine improvisation” – trusting our intuition, stream of consciousness, and ultimately the truth of our lived experiences to guide us to manifest the creative medicine that we need to heal. This workshop will include honoring of our ancestors and the land, movement, meditation, and finally an intentionally curated writing experience that is designed to support you in your healing process. Together, we will practice compassionate listening, the offering of affirmations to one another, and speaking our truths out loud without disclaimer as a part of healing our psyches from the onslaught of generational trauma.

Sunday, October 11, 11:11 AM – 1:11 PM PT

+ Selfie of smiling Black woman with a dark brown complexion

Beautiful Darkness With Jenee Darden

The mainstream narrative of dark-skinned Black girls and women is often sad and hopeless. That narrative is tired! From Lupita Nyong’o and Gabourey Sidibe to the cool aunties and women in our community–we know that there’s so much more to our story. While colorism is an issue in this society, we can heal from it and embrace our dark complexion. This is a celebratory and healing workshop for self-identified dark-skinned Black girls and women who are struggling with colorism and have internalized it. Writer and mental health advocate Jenee Darden, who overcame her struggles with colorism leads this interactive and creative space that involves discussion, re-thinking colorist ideology imposed on us, and writing and art exercises to honor our inner and outer beauty.

Sunday, October 11, 3-6:15 PM PT (with a 45-minute off-screen self-reflective writing/art break from 4:15-5 PM PT)

+ A photo of Jovelyn Richards

I Want My Mama With Jovelyn Richards #1

I Want My Mama is an interactive search for the black mama in others and ourselves. For those of us that was denied being our true mama selves because we was loving our dark babies our of fear, to us as children being loved out of fear. We will talk it out, write it out, reclaim the love of the black mother in goddess image. We will work on ways to love ourselves, forgive and chose and find the nurturing we need from others.

Tuesday, October 13, 6-7 PM PT