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+ Amira looks at the camera with a slight smile, heavy glam makeup, and black/silver faux locs

Protecting Your Magic With Amira Aro

Join Amira Aro for a conversation and gentle reminders about consent, boundaries, and relationship green flags as ways to protect you and your magic. Featuring the words and wisdoms of Black MaGes such as Adrienne Marie Brown and her book Pleasure Activism.

Friday, October 2, 11 AM-12 PM PT

+ Flyer for Black Healing October Opening Ceremony

You Are Loved: Welcome To Black Healing October!

We have a magical evening full of Black love, Black revelry, Black (he)art, and so much Black joy planned for you! There will be song, movement, poetry, ritual, meditation, connection, and a series of Blessings from some amazing Black Faerie Grand Elders! We are so excited to love you and love you good.

Saturday, October 3, 4-6 PM PT

+ Smiling picture of Richard from the torso upwards.

Building Consent Culture and Healthy Masculinity For All Genders With Richard M. Wright

This is an interactive workshop to empower attendees with the tools to foster consent culture and healthy masculinities in themselves, their families and communities. We will work on honoring our own boundaries, as well as the boundaries of others.

Friday, October 9, 12 PM – 2 PM PT

+ Photo of LaTasha Monique in a brightly colored room with giant pieces of candy

A Laying On of Hands: A Black Healer’s Guide to Individual and Collective Healing With LaTasha Monique

This workshop places Black Healing at the center and invites you to get cozy with self and others as we re-remember ancient ways of healing. During our time together we will share already known ways of healing as well as explore healing techniques that we lost during the diaspora. This workshop use existing ancestral knowledge to blend chakra work, chanting, color therapy, meditation, and self-reiki as a way to heal self and others. While colonizers have re-branded these healing techniques and put a price tag on them, they are all very much inherent to and in all of us. Come on, let’s explore and bring all our expertise to the table. The only requirement is to come as you are – just the way the ancestors like it.

Saturday, October 17, 11 AM – 1 PM PT

+ Image of a Black non-binary person with an afro wearing a Black velvet belly shirt smiling directly at the camera.

Intuitional Healing: Mind, Body and Spirit With Danielle Cole

This workshop will teach skills to increase intuition by tapping into stillness. We will confront and heal the things that have worn away at our intuition (anti-blackness, misogynoir, cisheteropatriarchy, body shaming, etc.) through writing, movement and meditation. We will build a practice of increasing our intuition in a way that prioritizes rest, our ancestors and trusting ourselves.

Sunday, October 18, 1:30-3:30 PM PT

+ A photo of Theresa Clark

How Can Cannabis Assist in Self-Healing? With Theresa Clark

Join Theresa of Empress Healing Products for an interactive discussion about how cannabis can be used for self healing.

Wednesday, October 21, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT

+ A photo of Lauren Anderson

Academia: Being in Community With Lauren Anderson

This inclusive workshop aims to facilitate your transition into PK-12 and higher-education as educators. In this workshop, we will discuss institutional and structural inequalities and how they exist to reproduce the status quo. Furthermore, we will collaborate on ways in which you can prepare and create space for your work as an educator despite institutional barriers. Lastly, we will discuss ways for you to create and sustain community while navigating your educational institutions.

Wednesday, October 21, 1:30-2:30 PM PT

+ A brown skinned woman holding up a piece of cleveland sage.

Pleasure Plants: Botanicals for Beauty and Self-Love With Sade Musa

Throughout history, plants have held an honored place in our self-care practices, and today, our plant ancestors can still teach us much about loving ourselves. In this workshop, we will learn how to make herbal oils, perfumes, and facial masks, featuring African herbs and foods that have long been used for beautification, increasing vitality, and cultivating inner joy.

Thursday, October 22, 5-7 PM PT

+ Onika and Windafire, two happy light-skinned Black humans whisper in a huge pink flower.

Rest Is Always Possible With Black Dream Escape

Black Dream Escape will offer a collective rest session. Using original music, meditations, storytelling, and breathwork that centers Black and Indigenous experience. We will guide participants into a rested state. Time will be given afterwards to asses, reflect and offer feedback about how to develop a personal Rest Practice.

Sunday, October 25, 4:30-6:30 PM PT

+ A photo of Amber Flame

Self-Care Is Hard! Let’s Nap About It. With Amber Flame

Self Promise-keeping: through sound bath, breath work, and writing/journaling, we are able to access the parts of us patiently awaiting creative expression. Uncovering and naming the broken promises we’ve made to ourselves is the beginning of healing and recommitment to our individual thriving. Lay the groundwork to welcome your best self back home to your body.

Tuesday, October 27, 4:30-6:00 PM PT

+ A photo of Theresa Clark

How Can Bush Medicine Improve Your Well-Being? With Theresa Clark

Join Theresa of Empress Healing Products for an interactive discussion about how bush medicine can be used to improve health and well being.

Wednesday, October 28, 11 AM – 12 PM PT

+ open road with sunset. text: Solidarity Healing September Envisioning Ritual. Please join Reclaim UGLY for ceremony on Tuesday, September 1st.

Solidarity Healing September Envisioning Ritual & Welcome: Healing, Loving, Dreaming, & Resisting In Solidarity

Event Date and Time
Tuesday, September 1, 5:30-7:30 PM PT