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Solidarity Healing September Presenters

Dearest Healers, Facilitators, Activists, & Performers,

Thank you for participating in Solidarity Healing September and supporting Black Healing October!!! 

We are so grateful for your generous investment in Black Healing, Black Liberation, & the revolutionary beauty of solidarity. Even more so, we are in love with the fact that you want to heal, grow, learn, and ascend out of the trauma of racialized oppression with and alongside us.Please read the below information to know more about the process of collaborating with us. Once you have completed the process, please click here to apply.

While our siblings, possibly including you, do the extraordinary work of addressing the systemic oppression and exclusion that targets Black and Indigenous people of color, we also need to do the work of healing from that oppression and the ways we’ve internalized white supremacy, criminalization, and other hierarchies. Systems will not change if people don’t choose to change, heal, and create space for others to transform as well.

This healing might look like helping your skin- and/or heart-folk to move through their own anti-Black racism, colonialism, patriarchy and more. But it can show up in a wonderful diversity of ways:

  • Supporting more people to lean into the self-love needed to do this work
  • Supporting people to learn about their own heritage, ancestry, and culture
  • Breath work, Meditation, Movement, Mindfulness, Spirituality
  • Teaching skills and tools that will support folks with survival, liberation, earth-healing, body-healing, and fighting uglification of other people.
  • Family friendly and youth-led spaces
  • Adult-Only fun & rejuvenation spaces.
  • Sacred Spaces for vulnerable conversations or think tanks for collective liberation.


Your contributions will support:

  1. 500+ Black people to access our healing services, community, and sacred spaces.
  2. 30-60 Black Healers, Performers, Educators, and Activists to be paid $100 per hour for their work
  3. ASL, CART & other accessibility services so that these workshops and services can be as accessible & inclusive as possible.
  4. The time and labor it cost to put this together!

Any extra donations will be split between:

  • The 2021 Uplift Glorify Love Yourself (UGLY) Summit (A Healing & Educational Space for people who experience uglification and are interested in eradicating it in their lives and communities)
  • The sustainability of one of our favorite sibling organizations, Disability Justice Culture Club, which works to advocate for the wellbeing, protection, and systemic inclusion of disabled folks and elders.

What we can offer you for your work

  • Promotion of your workshop on our webpage and social media
  • A Zoom Link if needed (on a first come, first serve basis
  • Celebration of your support on social media (optional)
  • Orientation & Follow Up Opportunities
  • Our immense gratitude for your contributions to Black Healing & Liberation.
  • An Invitation to continue focusing on healing work with us!

Click here to register to host a workshop!

It should take 10-20 minutes. We will follow up within 1-7 days of receiving your registration. We’re so looking forward to getting to know you!

Please CONTACT US with more questions.

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Donate today to support Black Healers, Black Healing,
and our collective liberation! Every $10 gets you a raffle ticket!

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