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+ A photo of Amber Flame

Self-Care Is Hard! Let’s Nap About It. With Amber Flame

Self Promise-keeping: through sound bath, breath work, and writing/journaling, we are able to access the parts of us patiently awaiting creative expression. Uncovering and naming the broken promises we’ve made to ourselves is the beginning of healing and recommitment to our individual thriving. Lay the groundwork to welcome your best self back home to your body.

Tuesday, October 27, 4:30-6:00 PM PT

+ Text reads: Reclaim UGLY presents Solidarity Healing September. Community Grounding, reconnect and recharge on Mondays @10am PST with Rainbow Marifrog. with image of Rainbow Marifrog.

Community Grounding With Rainbow Marifrog #4

“I am so honored to be participating in this healing event. As a white, cis woman I walk this earth with a lot of privilege. I am joyful and inspired to use my privilege to support my BIPOC friends, family, neighbors, and community members and to completely eradicate racism. Thank you!”
–Rainbow Marifrog

Event Date and Time
Monday, September 28, 10-10:45 AM PT

+ comMUSIKey logo. Text below reads: Music is the key to community. Images of people playing music and dancing on the letters.

Every Body Music for Every Body With Jonathan Best

“I have become hyper aware in the last few months of how much it hurts to participate in a system built from the ground up upon racism. Every little bit I participate in dismantling this system feels uplifting. Because using music to bring people together has been central to my adult life I jump at every opportunity to use it in this struggle.”
–Jonathan Best

Event Date and Time
Monday, September 28, 5-7 PM PT

+ Reclaim UGLY's Solidarity Healing September presents A Rage Lit By Love flyer

A Rage Lit By Love: Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Full Moon Release Ritual, and Community Sharing Circle

Event Date and Time
Wednesday, September 30, 4:30-6:30 PM PT
ASL Interpretation Included