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+ Text reads: Reclaim UGLY presents Solidarity Healing September. Community Grounding, reconnect and recharge on Mondays @10am PST with Rainbow Marifrog. with image of Rainbow Marifrog.

Community Grounding With Rainbow Marifrog #2

“I am so honored to be participating in this healing event. As a white, cis woman I walk this earth with a lot of privilege. I am joyful and inspired to use my privilege to support my BIPOC friends, family, neighbors, and community members and to completely eradicate racism. Thank you!”
–Rainbow Marifrog

Event Date and Time
Monday, September 14, 10-10:45 AM PT

+ Dancing Gender; Interested in exploring gender through movement? In this workshop we will use the tools of dance, improv, and joyful movement to explore our personal and unique expressions of gender. Join us as we dive into our own experiences of femininity, masculinity, and all the countless experiences of gender that defy categorization! Open to anyone interested in exploring their own gender expression, regardless of dance or improv experience!

Dancing Gender With Taylor Garrison

“Solidarity Healing September is important to me because I believe in the power of finding one’s superpower and using it in the path towards collective liberation. The idea that I could share space and ideas with other gender-questioning people AND it could be in service to Black healers and community is amazing! I’m so excited to create these spaces and start these journeys together!”
–Taylor Garrison

Event Date and Time
Thursday, September 17, 4-6 PM PT

+ Flyer for Asians4BlackLives + Herbal Medicine. Text reads: An informative workshop on plant allies, interdependence, and solidarity as part of Reclaim UGLY's Solidarity Healing September. Sunday, September 20th, 1-2:30pm PST on Zoom. suggested donation $25-50, no one turned away! funds will go directly towards Black Healing October! Register at Sketches of plants and flowers.

Asians4BlackLives + Herbal Medicine: Supporting Emotional Wellness to Sustain the Movement

“As A4BL, we are committed to being in solidarity with and supporting Black healing and liberation. We understand that our liberation is interconnected.”
–Asians 4 Black Lives

Event Date and Time
Sunday, September 20, 1-2:30 PM PT

+ White page surrounded by pens and plant reads "Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself..."

Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself With Anna Flurry (she/her/hers)

“Participating in Black Healing October and Solidarity Healing September is important to me because I believe that in order to grow as interconnected, caring communities, we must learn about ourselves and the world that we live in, and we must heal from the toxicity of white supremacy and oppressive hierarchies, as well as from the harm that we have survived and caused. The more we heal ourselves, the more we heal the world, and the more we heal the world, the more we heal ourselves. They are one and the same. And so we will grow these outwardly spiraling, tessalating networks of caring communities engaging in healing and educating practices, and we will build the liberated world that we dream of.”
–Anna Flurry

Event Date and Time
Sunday, September 20, 4-6 PM PT