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+ Text reads: Reclaim UGLY presents Solidarity Healing September. Community Grounding, reconnect and recharge on Mondays @10am PST with Rainbow Marifrog. with image of Rainbow Marifrog.

Community Grounding With Rainbow Marifrog #1

“I am so honored to be participating in this healing event. As a white, cis woman I walk this earth with a lot of privilege. I am joyful and inspired to use my privilege to support my BIPOC friends, family, neighbors, and community members and to completely eradicate racism. Thank you!”
–Rainbow Marifrog

Event Date and Time
Monday, September 7, 10-10:45 AM PT

+ heart-shaped tree. Text: When I Fell In Love with Myself. Please join Reclaim UGLY for storytellers and speed friend dating on Saturday, September 12th

When I Fell In Love with Myself: Love Is An Action Storytelling Panel & Friend Speed Dating After Party

Event Date and Time
Saturday, September 12, 4-7:15 PM PT

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PT Storytelling Panel (Zoom webinar with ASL interpretation)
6:00 PM – 6:15 PM PT Break
6:15 PM – 7:15 PM PT Friend Speed Dating (Zoom meeting with breakout rooms; no ASL interpretation)

Join for either or both!

+ Text reads: Reclaim UGLY presents Solidarity Healing September. Bring Your Parents! An Intergenerational Gathering for White Families, with Anna Ostow on Sunday, 9/13 @12pm PST. with photo of Anna Ostow

Bring your parents! An Intergenerational Gathering for White Families With Anna Ostow

“I want white people to seek and ultimately find where our stake lies in racial justice and the Movement for Black Lives, to find and hold dear how our liberation is bound up in the liberation of others. That is where I find meaning and its what brings me joy. Solidarity Healing September and Black Healing October makes all these connections explicit–that our healing is linked, that my healing can support your healing and vice versa, and allows for a beautiful sharing and distribution of resources in the direction so that one day every single person without exception will have the healing they need and deserve.”
–Anna Ostow

Event Date and Time
Sunday, September 13, 12-1:30 PM PT

+ A variety of musubis with text OMUSUBI 4 BLACK LIVES: A CONVERSATION (PART 2) SUNDAY 9/13

Omusubis 4 Black Lives: A Conversation (Part 2)

“We care deeply about the well being of our Black comrades and family and want to support healing for our loved ones, including our Queer and Trans Japanese diasporic communities!”
–Omusubis 4 Black Lives

Event Date and Time
Sunday, September 13, 4-6 PM PT