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+ open road with sunset. text: Solidarity Healing September Envisioning Ritual. Please join Reclaim UGLY for ceremony on Tuesday, September 1st.

Solidarity Healing September Envisioning Ritual & Welcome: Healing, Loving, Dreaming, & Resisting In Solidarity

Event Date and Time
Tuesday, September 1, 5:30-7:30 PM PT

+ Paint-plattered red pink and white background, text reads: Sacred Fragments Online Voice Class, Sept. 5, 5-6:30 pm PT.

Sacred Fragments Online Voice Class With Nomy Lamm

“I want to dedicate the work of my heart and hands toward honoring and uplifting Black voices, bodies, and communities. It is my pleasure to be given an opportunity to be of service.”
–Nomy Lamm

Event Date and Time
Saturday, September 5, 5-6:30 PM PT

+ Background: starry sky over mountains

Blocked but not Forgotten: Lost and Damaged Relationships in the Orange Era With Amy Benson-Calloway and Alex Gino

“Black liberation is central to all people’s liberation, and as white people, we seek to be actively anti-racist by supporting Black people’s movements, including raising funds for Black movements, as well as pursuing our own healing and the healing of other white people around us from white supremacy.”
–Amy Benson-Calloway and Alex Gino

Event Date and Time
Saturday, September 5, 6-7:30 PM PT