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+ A photo of Amira Aro

Amira Aro (they/them)

Amira Aro (they/them) Amira Aro is a disabled, exogender Black person. Born and raised in Cherokee/Iroquois/Shawnee land (Louisville, KY) currently living on Lenape land (Philly). They’ve been a community organizer since 2017 to protect Black trans people however they can. From rallies and protests, securing housing, and curating reparations, finding any and all ways to bring the love, care, rest, and stability that Black … Read More Amira Aro (they/them)

+ Black and white image of Saada with glasses on and blurred lines to the left

SaadaResists (they/them)

SaadaResists (they/them) Saada is a cultural worker, writer, youth development practitioner, and freedom dreamer who advocates for systemic changes, challenges injustices, and believes in the power of harnessing our radical imaginations to contribute to sustainable paradigm shifts.

+ Founding Director of Reclaim UGLY, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, smiling at the camera.

Vanessa Rochelle Lewis (MFA)

Vanessa Rochelle Lewis (MFA)

Founding Director,
Reclaim UGLY
PleasureNess Literary Academy

Born and raised in South Central and Adulting in Oakland, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis (MFA) is a Queer, Fat, Black, Femme performer, facilitator, educator, writer, activist, healer, joyful weirdo, and Faerie Princess Mermaid Gangsta for The Revolution. Vanessa has danced across many professional and creative stages….

+ Axel on carousel horse

Axel Valles (they/them)

Axel Valles (they/them) Axel Valles is a transgender, nonbinary, mixed race activist, deviant, abolitionist, artist, carpenter, and childcare work pony.


Caleb Luna

Caleb Luna Caleb Luna is a fat queer (of color) critical theorist, artist, and performance scholar. As a Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley, their research focuses on performances of eating, and historicizing cultural representations of fat embodiment within the ongoing settler colonization of North America. As an activist political thinker, they are interested in engaging embodied difference as a generative resource … Read More Caleb Luna


Lauren Smith (She / They)

Lauren Smith (She / They) Ancestor led tomboy femme. Cat lady. Geek. Bookworm. Yogi. Card reader. Feminist. Witch. Singer. Leo sun. Aquarius moon. Libra rising. Virgo ruled. Learning, growing, trying to do good in the world. You can find me on Instagram @thejadedhippy.

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Amanda Zhang (they/them)

Amanda Zhang (they/them)

+ person smiling at the camera

Taylor Garrison (they/them)

Taylor Garrison (they/them) My name is Taylor Garrison, I use they/them pronouns and I am passionate about fat liberation and the power of pleasure! I’m a recent graduate of UCSC who’s excited to start building more connections in the Bay Area activism world. I’m a dancer, and my latest piece, Embodied, allowed me to explore & feel how gender is performed in my body.


Arianna Zoraida Cruz-Sellu (she/her/hers)

Arianna Zoraida Cruz-Sellu (she/her/hers) Arianna is a Black femme orphan queerdo artist and activist from the West Coast. As a Sierra Leonean and Puerto Rican, Arianna is passionate about Black unity across diasporic identities. Additionally as a survivor of lifelong displacement due to gentrification she is incredibly focused on creation and reclamation of Black space. She has been an intern for the Black and Brown not a … Read More Arianna Zoraida Cruz-Sellu (she/her/hers)


Encian Pastel (he and they)

Encian Pastel (he and they) Encian Pastel (he and they) is a white transgender preschool teacher and childcare activist who believes strongly in the magical powers of play, curiousity, and storytelling in personal and collective healing and growth. Encian is a transplant from the east coast and descendent of European settlers, and currently lives, loves and learns on occupied Ohlone land.


Marbles (they, he, marbles)

Marbles (they, he, marbles) MJR(Marbles Jumbo Radio) ((they, he, marbles)) @basementsunrise (ig)


Yasmeen Ahmed Taranissi

Yasmeen Ahmed Taranissi Howdy! My name is Yasmeen Ahmed Taranissi, and I am a college student studying accounting and economics. I am passionate about social justice and liberation for all peoples. In the short term, my goal is to graduate despite getting into some good trouble. In the long run, my goal is to pave a path for a better, safer world for the … Read More Yasmeen Ahmed Taranissi