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+ Full Body Photo of Mel Graham in Orange Dress in front of blue wall

A Restorative Time With Mel Graham

Join Mel Graham for a time full of peace and safety. Come with an open heart and mind to release your fears, worries, and cares. Mel will facilitate a 20-minute healing meditation and grounding ritual, followed by a space to discuss emotions and thoughts that came to surface during the time, along with any other questions

Monday, October 12, 12-1:30 PM PT

+ Black butch in swimwear on boulder, looking right

Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Tijanna O. Eaton

Take a Walk on the Wild Side is an introduction for self-identified Black women who enjoy or would like to learn how to enjoy leather/BDSM. There will be topic discussions, vignettes, demos, questions, answers, and toys aplenty! Participation is encouraged but not required; please interact at your own comfort level.

Monday, October 12, 4-6 PM PT

+ A Black person balancing horizontally on one leg in shallow water in front of a waterfall

Daily Practices for Emotional Balance, and Clarity Toward a Fruitful Life With Chance York

The world seems like it’s moving faster than ever. In this workshop, we will be learning a variety of techniques blended from ancient cultures and contemporary behavioral science. We will be exploring the gravity of our impulses, our conscious and unconscious life, and our ability to harness and alter our internal chemistry to create the environment within and around us.

Tuesday, October 13, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT

+ A portrait of Joyce Lee

Playing With Blocks With Joyce Lee #1

Joyce Lee is offering a self development opportunity for writers to address their creative blocks. This workshop requires honesty with yourself and a willingness to be uncomfortable for the sake of your creativity and personal growth. You will be nurtured but not coddled. This class is geared specifically towards those who know they need help but hate personal accountability.

Tuesday, October 13, 1:30-2:30 PM PT

+ A photo of Jovelyn Richards

I Want My Mama With Jovelyn Richards #1

I Want My Mama is an interactive search for the black mama in others and ourselves. For those of us that was denied being our true mama selves because we was loving our dark babies our of fear, to us as children being loved out of fear. We will talk it out, write it out, reclaim the love of the black mother in goddess image. We will work on ways to love ourselves, forgive and chose and find the nurturing we need from others.

Tuesday, October 13, 6-7 PM PT

+ queer Black unicorn-dragon

Simple Self-Care for BIPOC Brilliance With Kalash KaFae Magenta Fire

Simple Self-Care for BIPOC Brilliance is a collection of exercises that encourages self-examination and self-evolution through engaging in a series of activities including meditation, group engagement and discussion, and creating best self-projection for future endeavors. The optimum goal is to create a plan for your personal healing, maintaining balance, and to create a vision for sustainable success.

Wednesday, October 14, 1-3 PM PT

+ A portrait of Goddess Carroll

My Black Body and Inner Wisdom Keeper With Goddess #2

What stories and narratives have your ancestors passed on to you? What ones do you wish to carry/release? Join Goddess in unpacking how generational trauma and anti-Blackness is stored in our bodies and minds, and deepen the process of repairing what has been stolen. Through mediation, writing, and discussion we will come back to our soul.

Wednesday, October 14, 4-6 PM PT

+ Spiritual SELF CARE with Kris the Mystik overlaid on Kris in the woods

Spiritual SELF CARE With Kris with a K

Spiritual SELF CARE is a workshop to help remove any internal blocks and determine how you can create a disciplined and adaptable mind, body, spirit self care plan through the channeled wisdom of Kris with a K and their spirit guides. They will be covering journaling techniques, reframing, connecting to your inner voice, and how to embrace the mundane elements of self care as spiritual self worship. If you’ve been struggling with ascension symptoms (sleeplessness, hearing/seeing things, feeling randomly ungrounded, psychic activation, emotions getting louder, fatigue, changes in appetite, aches and pains that shift day to day, etc), this twerkshop is to share the wisdom I’ve gained from supporting myself and others through ascension into their soul path.

Thursday, October 15, 3-5 PM PT

+ The profile of a Black Queer femme sitting on the earth in front of a large Redwood tree.

Meditation and Relaxation With Dominique Cowling

Meditation & Relaxation is a workshop led by Dominique Cowling. As we cope with many of the stressors that 2020 has brought and highlighted, this is an opportunity to slow down to soothe the nervous system with gentle movement, mindfulness meditation and breathwork to support your health and wellness. No experience necessary for this introductory workshop.

Friday, October 16, 6-7 PM PT

+ Photo of LaTasha Monique in a brightly colored room with giant pieces of candy

A Laying On of Hands: A Black Healer’s Guide to Individual and Collective Healing With LaTasha Monique

This workshop places Black Healing at the center and invites you to get cozy with self and others as we re-remember ancient ways of healing. During our time together we will share already known ways of healing as well as explore healing techniques that we lost during the diaspora. This workshop use existing ancestral knowledge to blend chakra work, chanting, color therapy, meditation, and self-reiki as a way to heal self and others. While colonizers have re-branded these healing techniques and put a price tag on them, they are all very much inherent to and in all of us. Come on, let’s explore and bring all our expertise to the table. The only requirement is to come as you are – just the way the ancestors like it.

Saturday, October 17, 11 AM – 1 PM PT

+ A picture of a woman dancing in the woods, a flower and the words Dancing Mindfulness with Stacia.

Dancing Mindfulness With Stacia Barrett #2

Dancing Mindfulness allows you to use your movement to achieve a mindful state. Everyone can dance as dance is every move you make. The goal is no judgement of ourselves while we explore movement.

Saturday, October 17, 2-3 PM PT

+ A photo of Dontá Morrison

The Art of Unloving: Dealing With the Aftermath of a Bad Relationship & Owning the Part You Played With Dontá Morrison

Healing from a bad relationship is a process. It’s long, often times uncomfortable, and can bring more questions than answers. Join Dontá Morrison in a discussion about healing from heartbreak, while also being accountable in the role you played in the relationship.

Saturday, October 17, 4-5 PM PT