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Together, We Heal.


Image Description: two Black people sit, leaning their heads together, with their eyes closed and peaceful expressions. They both have curly black hair adorned with yellow flowers, and their faces and shoulders are covered in gemstones. Text on image: Together, we heal. Welcome.

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Amira looks at the camera with a slight smile, heavy glam makeup, and black/silver faux locs
Image description: Amira, a Black exogender person, is looking at the camera, angled with a slight smile. They have a red, black, and silver cut crease eyeshadow, matte black lipstick, and silver and black faux locs cascade around their face. A sparkle filter overlays on the picture.

Creating The Life You Want to Live After a Lifetime of Survival

by Amira Aro

I’m free climbing out of a deep chasm…my footing is shaky, and rocks fall apart each step I take.
But I’m climbing forward. And I’m exhausted. But I know I absolutely cannot fall backwards.

Transitioning from surviving to thriving is a painful process, and requires trust in people and networks around you…

An animated GIF of two giant hands holding small humans with clouds floating upward in the background.
Image description: An illustration of two large, blue hands with long, pointed fingernails holding human figures. One hand is closer to the viewer, entering the image from the right side. This hand is holding a human, about the size of its middle finger. The human is androgynous, nude, lying on their stomach. Their skin is magenta and their hair is short and purple. They are staring blankly into the distance. The hand that is further away is entering the image from the left side. This hand is holding a greenish-grey, nude human who is lying on their back with their calves and feet draped over the side of the hand, the legs are animated to slowly dangle back and forth. This human looks blankly at the sky. In the background is an animation of a soft, pink sky with pale, yellow clouds floating upward. The picture is framed by a dark blue, wavy line and has the signature “WVR ’20” in the lower right corner. The “R” is backward.

It’s Ok to Be Floor People.

Words and thoughts on breaking down, vulnerability, and destigmatizing rock-bottom
by Mateo
On the outside patio of a bar in SF, my best friend Cameron and I were having an impromptu night out together with responsible consumption of alcohol and other things. The conversation eventually focused on spirituality and religion, and I began to express…

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