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Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Tijanna O. Eaton

Black butch in swimwear on boulder, looking right
Image description: A Black butch in black swimwear and water shoes stands on a boulder along the banks of the Yuba River, looking to the right, and posing with hands on hips and her right leg perched on part of the boulder.

But…who would I be without white supremacy? How would I be without white
supremacy? What would I talk about, write about, fight about if not racism, sexism, classism, and gender terrorism? What would it be like to not live wrapped in the shroud, outside the coffin, above ground, no longer enveloped, suffocated, constricted by white supremacy? What would I do without the trauma and the struggle?

I’d make movies about mundane shit. I’d make an epic film about going to the corner store and the hilarious adventures along the way. I would take a five-minute outing to pick up some cage free vegetables and turn it into two hours of madcap fun, then write a book based on the movie, then produce an album based on the book. I’d sit in a coffee shop for hours zoning the fuck out, not being harassed, checking my phone, reading articles about socks and underwear, my news feed devoid of the killing of Black and brown bodies. Maybe I’d pay more attention to my hair.

I’d focus on kink and sex and Wakanda. I mean I do that anyway but I could focus on these with all my attention. I’d create weeklong retreats for Black dykes that mixed tantra and kink, spirituality and sex, sex and bacon. I’d build a dungeon in my back yard across from the hot tub and the music studio would look out onto the garden. My home could just be a gathering spot instead of a safe spot, a respite, a break from the relentlessness of white supremacy.

Maybe I’d shed the armor. Maybe I’d change my relationships with time and fear.

I look forward to reclaiming the 30% of my headspace that goes toward armoring myself when I leave my house every day. When that day comes, I will put on headphones and walk down the street lost in my own thoughts. I’ll forget to bring my ID when I leave the house to walk to the store and not even think about being ‘randomly’ stopped by cops, who would take my ID, run my name, and watch my rap sheet scroll and scroll.

Tijanna O. Eaton | | ig: @thatsbennett2u |
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Event Description

Take a Walk on the Wild Side is an introduction for self-identified Black women who enjoy or would like to learn how to enjoy leather/BDSM. There will be topic discussions, vignettes, demos, questions, answers, and toys aplenty! Participation is encouraged but not required; please interact at your own comfort level.

We will explore luscious, luxurious, and glorious connections between BDSM, sex, and race. We will identify some of our own kinks, learn tips for how to negotiate beforehand, and talk about ways to care for ourselves and our play partners when the blindfold comes off, the floggers are put away, and each person reclaims their default role.

There may be partial nudity (yay!). We will definitely have fun. This class will strive to take place in a safe, supportive, encouraging, and loving environment. An altar dedicated to Black kink will be set up to help us focus and connect. You may want to set up your own altar.  Here is a peek at mine (because I like to overdo things):

Tijanna's altar dedicated to Black kink
Image description: Tijanna’s altar to Black kink, described in detail below

This altar features floggers, bondage tape, safety supplies, pink bats, and a djembe with a pile of hand-picked sage on top of it, next to a Black step stool. The stool has candles, a water offering, a Black power fist carved out of wood, and Black panther figurines on the top step, an African print COVID mask and an African wooden mask on the bottom step. A stylized colorful heart with gold paint sits at the foot in between a pussy candle and a Black panther backpack.

After you register, you will receive:

  • Suggestions for ways to prepare for the workshop, such as setting up your own altar and items you might consider bringing.  However, there are no prerequisites or requirements.
  • A handout that we will refer to during our travels.

Who Is This Event For?

This workshop is for all self-identified Black Women (cis and trans), over 18, and of any orientation.

Event Goals, Hopes, & Outcomes

I’d like people to come away feeling more confident in their negotiation skills, better able to identify their kinks, and secure in the knowledge that however they want to play is a-okay. I’d also like people to feel sensual, safe, and like slightly melted chocolate while in the workshop.

Event Length

2 hours

Event Date and Time

Monday, October 12, 4-6 PM PT

How to Register

Dear Reclaim UGLY Family, we love all of you. However, this event is only for Black people. Thank you for supporting us to love and nurture each other in private. For other ways to get involved, check out our sacred emergent gathering spaces and join our mailing list for upcoming events.

Register directly on Eventbrite:

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Presenter Bio

Tijanna O. Eaton (Tə-zha-na) is a 55-year-old, Black, cis-butch dyke with a high school diploma and a rap sheet.  She plays from the top down and gets dressed from the bottom up.

“I have been a card-carrying member of The Exiles since 1998. As you can imagine, I often (still) find myself being one of the few Black kinksters at different events. It is also my solemn duty to create more Black women kinksters! I have a fierce protectiveness of Blackness, Black people, and Black kink. Black Healing October is important because Black people need to be bathed in love, care, juiciness, and spices. I’m here to apply some juicy spices. Maybe they’ll sting a little if you’re lucky!”

More From This Presenter

Tijanna’s forthcoming book, BOLT Cutters, is a jail crime memoir detailing her twelve arrests in three year, her descent into homeless drug addiction, and her return to ‘society.’  For more information, please visit and check out the blog at

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All Black Healing October Events are Free for all Black People.
If you have the means and desire to financially support this endeavor, please donate here.
But remember, donation or not, you are welcome, wanted, and loved here.

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