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Diversity & Healing Session–Let’s Talk About It. With Vanessa LeMaistre

A portrait of VanessaSoulXo and her Drum
Image description: VanessaSoulXo, a light brown skinned Black woman with long copper curls, a green blouse, floral shorts, and a bright smile, holds a black, red, and yellow Shamanic Drum. She stands in front of a couch and there are flowers besides her.

My dreams are for a future of Multi-cultural leadership. One where the paradigm is balanced and blacks can finally have a chance to be on top for a change. It is long overdue for blacks to stand in our power. The time is now. We are powerful beyond measure. It is time for change and it is time that we shine. My hope is that we can heal and truly step forward in our power.

Vanessa LeMaistre | | Twitter: @vanessasoulxo | ig: @vanessasoulxo | | TikTok: @vanessasoulxo
Support Vanessa: | Venmo: @vanessasoulxo

Event Description

Join VanessaSoulXo for a shamanic drum journey where she will guide you through this meditative practice as you will explore deep and powerful questions for personal transformation. The questions will require courage, however you will be in a safe and sacred space. This offering will begin with a guided meditation. Vanessa will then speak about this ancient shamanic practice and what having your power animal means in shamanism. Then she will facilitate an interactive conversation about being black right now in America. This will then lead to a shamanic drum journey where you can gain guidance to powerful questions that may arise in conversation. This offering will conclude with a sacred ritual that you can take with you.

*It is advised to bring a journal and pen for any insights that may arise in your shamanic drum journey.

Who Is This Event For?

All adult ages. Children can join if parents are present and allow them to join in on this cultural shamanic practice. LGBTQ Friendly, non-gender binary friendly, disability friendly, all nationalities and professions welcomed.

Event Goals, Hopes, & Outcomes

I want people to feel safe and as though this is a space to recluse. I want people to connect and check in with themselves as we dive into the exploration of powerful questions. We will also be diving into powerful healing tools that they can take with them and use in their everyday life for continued healing. My goal is that they leave feeling empowered and more connected to their healing journey knowing they have these added tools in their lives to get through a time like right now more resiliently.

I want them to feel engaged and comfortable. I want them to feel as though their voices are heard and that all are welcome. I want them to get inspired and know that we are the future of tomorrow.

Event Length

1 hour

Event Date and Time

Sunday, October 4, 3-4 PM PT

How to Register

Dear Reclaim UGLY Family, we love all of you. However, this event is only for Black people. Thank you for supporting us to love and nurture each other in private. For other ways to get involved, check out our sacred emergent gathering spaces and join our mailing list for upcoming events.

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Presenter Bio

Vanessa LeMaistre’s path has been unconventional. Broken from years of childhood sexual assault, not having a father to protect her and an ultimate lack of self-worth, she woke up at the age of 25 as a lost soul, having dated a mix of men, including prominent celebrities who didn’t respect her worth. Deciding to wake up and step into her path, Vanessa began to practice yoga and spiritually enlighten herself through a series of texts, before suffering a tragic loss of her son, Kamden at 9 months. This was the turning point where Vanessa decided to follow the calling bestowed upon her at the age of 21 that she was a shaman. Today she is a shaman and she has a M.A. in Resilient Leadership where she was heavily educated in sustainability, social justice, and Diversity & Inclusivity. She merges both her shamanic healing with powerful conversations around ecological injustices today. Vanessa guides you through this powerful healing modality as she facilitates a shamanic drum circle. Vanessa provides spiritual insight from her diverse experiences.

“Being a black, multi-raced healer has been so challenging to get in spaces to actually heal. We desperately need more people that look like us in health and wellness. For 1. This is our birthright and our history. 2. We as a collective group have suffered tremendously and we Need healing. 3. I have this calling and I just want to do what Spirit wants me to do.
I am beyond passionate and honored to potentially have the opportunity to bring what is so engrained in our DNA–this healing, to a diverse group of people. I will bring my whole heart there and there will be shifts and transformations happening. We need it more than ever right now.”

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All Black Healing October Events are Free for all Black People.
If you have the means and desire to financially support this endeavor, please donate here.
But remember, donation or not, you are welcome, wanted, and loved here.

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