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Day’s Intuitive Group Healing

Photo of Day Elliot
Image description: A photo of Day, a light skinned Black person with curly hair smiles wide looking down at the ground. They wear thick rimmed glasses, a colorful striped button up shirt, and surrounded by trees.

My dreams for Black Healing, Black Liberation, and our future are that all Black Healing and Black Liberation is pushed to the front, to be seen, validated, funded, prioritized and centered for a healthy and healed future.

Day Elliot | ig: @wingedribcage
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Event Description

I will be providing a comprehensive group healing, using remote energy work that is gentle like reiki. Participants will only need to show up, lay down, and be open to receive. For all group healings, a theme or two usually emerges once I begin working the energy of the group. Such themes I have worked with in the past included: supporting the empath with energy tools and strengthening energy protection; clearing ancestral and/or systemic traumas; working on the emotional body and the opening of the heart chakra, etc.

For this part of the healing, I will be using my clairvoyant psychic mediumship abilities to communicate with my Higher Self, as well as the group’s ancestors and spirit guides, to determine what theme(s) wants to be focused on collectively and how best to update and align everyone on their highest and best timelines. what this entails is a thorough cleanse of each of the seven layers of the aura, removing all energy that is no longer serving the group and the individuals. I will also ‘flush’ the body’s energy meridian channels, creating new grounding cords and grounding each participant with earth energy, as well as connecting them through the crown chakra to their Higher Selves with cosmic energy.  

The majority of the healing will encompass the careful clearing (and then filling up) of each of the seven main chakras, and this is when most of the clairvoyant-psychic intel comes forward. At this time, past life information, or themes of past lives relevant to the group as a whole, will surface. I will talk throughout this whole process, describing colors, textures, and energies that I see and interact with, relaying any messages from Spirit and guides. I will also describe and leave with the group some energy techniques that can be used to keep one’s energy clear, strong, and protected after the healing. Collective healings are always very powerful, as the energy involved becomes exponential in impact, with all the spirit guide teams and higher selves from each individual that comes together to form the group. 

The workshop/healing will be timed for approx. 1 hour, and then i could take questions from the group for maybe 15-30 minutes?

Who Is This Event For?

black people of all genders!  this is a deep invitation for you to show up for yourself and your self-love and RECEIVE!

Workshop Goals, Hopes, & Outcomes

i would like for everyone to leave feeling completely clear and energetically boosted, with shining auras and chakras and all! i also would like to imbue a deeper meaning into feeling one’s self and one’s own energy on a soul-level, and providing validation that everyone has a unique power and strength. i would also like to expand on everyone’s personal connection to the spirit realm, including the connections we all have with our Higher Selves, spirit guide teams, and ancestors. i want everyone to leave feeling into how powerful energy work actually can be, and how transformational it can expand understanding for the individual, on so many different levels or awareness.

Event Length

1.5 hours

Event Date and Time

Thursday, October 29, 11:30 AM – 1 PM PT

How to Register

Dear Reclaim UGLY Family, we love all of you. However, this event is only for Black people. Thank you for supporting us to love and nurture each other in private. For other ways to get involved, check out our sacred emergent gathering spaces and join our mailing list for upcoming events.

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Presenter Bio

Day is a natural clairvoyant and trained intuitive healer, who facilitates a fusion of healing energy work with psychic communication in one single session. Their passion for social justice helps them center their healing and psychic work within the QT/BIPOC (queer, trans, black, indigenous, people of color) community and their allies. Day’s healing work is specialized around a number of themes, including: ancestor and spirit guide communication, healing relationships and soul contracts, life and career guidance, updating karmic agreements and Akashic Records keeping, and clairvoyantly healing the energetic/auric, emotional, and physical bodies of a diverse range of clients. They have called the East Bay home for 18 years now.

“I strive to keep my unique healing abilities and services accessible to the larger QT/BIPOC community, as i find my own identity reflected within them. ancestral and inner child work are so crucial for one’s overall healing, as well as being seen, validated, and healed on a soul level; my work helps bridge both my radical social justice passions with that of the spirit world, and the most underserved communities are so deserving of this. i wish to be of service!”

More From This Presenter

Grasp at the Root: Uprooting White Supremacy from Spaces of Healing
November 20, 2020 – November 22, 2020

Relationship is the foundation of our practice. To build mutually beneficial healing spaces, trust must be cultivated in our communities. Created and led by Black queer facilitators, this 3-day training is designed to cultivate empathy as the ground from which we can collectively rise towards equity. Ending cycles of harm on a personal, collective, and systemic level requires us all to release the ties that we have to white supremacy, capitalism and hetero-patriarchy. 

Through the science of yoga, evidence-based somatic practice, sociopolitical education, energetic healing and more, we commit to unlearning the perceptions that lie at the root of our most harmful actions. In this work we ask: How do you uphold white-supremacy in your daily life? How do you respond to situations of injustice? Who do you prioritize? What steps can you take to make spaces of healing more accessible?

These questions are deeply personal, as a way to uncover internalized political and social systems that keep us alienated from one another. Together we aim to upend these systems to create a better world for us all. Our work centers the experiences of Black and Indigenous people, people of color, disabled, queer and trans people. 

This training is open to healers of all identities and backgrounds.

This training is intended for:
– Yoga instructors, practitioners, & studio owners 
– Therapists, social workers, & trauma healing practitioners
– Movement teachers (dance, fitness, self-defense)
– Healthcare practitioners & clinicians
– Intentional communities seeking shared language
– Activists 

There will be a variety of offerings in this training, including:
– Socio Political education
– Exploration of social justice’s roots in yoga philosophy 
– Accessibility and nonviolent communication practices
– Intuitive energy healing
– Building of energetic boundaries 
– Somatic tools for grounding & self-awareness
– Tools for self-care and community-care

Friday | Nov. 20 | 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday | Nov. 21 | 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sunday | Nov. 22 | 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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All Black Healing October Events are Free for all Black People.
If you have the means and desire to financially support this endeavor, please donate here.
But remember, donation or not, you are welcome, wanted, and loved here.

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