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Blackened NVC With Jihan McDonald

A nonbinary Black womxn facing the camera head on.
Image description: A nonbinary Black womxn facing the camera head on.

I dream of open conversations between elders and youth about what it means to live, what it means to live while Black, and what it means to live while knowing that Black is Beautiful. I dream of us living from our deepest joys and passions in how we express, create, and live together. In the Black ancient-future, we have put all of our creative capacity towards generative culture that meets the needs of the most vulnerable, makes the most of the gifts everyone has to offer, and honors our interconnectedness with all other beings. We live with clean air, water, food, and energy within system that are reparative and life-serving.

Jihan McDonald | ig: @moonwiselife
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Event Description

Blackened NVC: Language is more than just sounds, it’s a construction of reality; what we speak and the ways we speak it define the worlds that we live in. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a tool that can be used to create realities where our deepest needs are seen, heard, and celebrated for being part of what makes us human and integral to comprehensive community care. NVC can serve as a guide for how to deepen and expand our relationships with ourselves and others but, unfortunately, like so many other cultural tools, it has not been particularly inclusive of the cultural needs and realities of Black people.

In this workshop we’ll cover the core principles of NVC and explore what it means to have NVC consciousness while looking at how to use NVC in ways that are culturally responsive and appropriate for Black folks. Participants will have the chance to have Q & A with the facilitator, reflect personally on how NVC can best serve them, and practice with each other Theater of the Oppressed style. We’ll also be incorporating tools like meditation, visualization, and somatic practices that compliment the development of NVC consciousness.

Please come with a notepad, pen/pencil, and a willingness to get in your feels!

Who Is This Event For?

All Black folks over 21.

Workshop Goals, Hopes, & Outcomes

I want Black folks to feel like they can use NVC and still be authentically Black. It’s an incredible tool for developing self compassion, improving listening skills, de-escalating conflicts, and deepening relationships and we deserve to be able to use it without feeling “not Black enough”. I want us to have this resource at our disposal for navigating inter-generational trauma and generating a new culture of Blackness that is rooted in compassion, empathy, and meeting our needs.

I want participants to feel seen, heard, understood, encouraged, challenged, creative, inspired, and empowered. I want people to experience what it’s like to be empathically held with warmth and care and for them to be able to take this feeling with them back out into the rest of their lives.

Event Length

5 hours (including a 1-hour break in the middle)

Event Date and Time

Monday, October 26, 12-5 PM PT (with a 1-hour break from 2-3 PM PT)

How to Register

Dear Reclaim UGLY Family, we love all of you. However, this event is only for Black people. Thank you for supporting us to love and nurture each other in private. For other ways to get involved, check out our sacred emergent gathering spaces and join our mailing list for upcoming events.

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Presenter Bio

Jihan McDonald [They/Them] is an award-winning transformative facilitator, intuitive healer, and creative writer from the Chochenyo Ohlone land colonized as Oakland, CA.

“Besides the fact that I love Vanessa and her work, centering healing in Black bodies, minds, and spirits is critical for the world I want to live in. As a Black person, this is where the personal and the political intersect and it is part of my life’s purpose and meaning to be of service to our healing and spiritual restoration. Claiming the priority of our healing is a revolutionary and radical act that is important for not just Black folks, but the planet at large as this claim is a rebalancing of powers that have been out of whack for centuries. It is important to say we are here and we are here for our healing.”

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All Black Healing October Events are Free for all Black People.
If you have the means and desire to financially support this endeavor, please donate here.
But remember, donation or not, you are welcome, wanted, and loved here.

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