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Beginning the Journey to Heal Internalized Anti-Blackness With Denarii Grace

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Image description: A Black person with a yellow flower and a lush afro smiles wide and stares joyfully at the camera.

My dream is to no longer have the twin monsters of white supremacy and colonialism hiding in our closets.

Denarii Grace | | Twitter: @writersdelite | ig: @writersdelite
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Event Description

Undoing the damage of white supremacy and colonialism doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a forever-journey.

But it also doesn’t require *decades* to show progress. We, as Black folk, can love ourselves NOW. We can love each other NOW. And we can learn how to do so in revolutionary, liberatory ways. We ain’t gotta wait.

Denarii Grace knows because they speak from a lifetime of personal and professional experience. Go on a narrative journey with her to unlearn internalized anti-Blackness: where it comes from, what it looks like, how it manifests, its purpose, what it looks like to dig it out of you, and what daily maintenance looks like.

Come ready to talk about the shit you don’t wanna talk about, the beliefs that, deep down, you still hold about your people and your Selves. Be prepared for the fact that you’re never truly prepared to look in the mirror. And be mindful not to allow your wounds to wound others in this space, because that shit will get checked REAL quick (with love).

Who Is This Event For?

Black/African-descended people 16 and up

Event Goals, Hopes, & Outcomes

I want people to feel uncomfortable and convicted (since internalized anti-Blackness affects me personally regularly, but also because, as I said above, it is IMPERATIVE to movement building that we excise internalized anti-Blackness from our communities), but I also want people to feel rage (since this internalization ultimately comes from our oppressor). I want people to feel joy and discovery at shining a light on the places they’ve tried to keep hidden. I want them to feel camaraderie that they aren’t alone in these experiences of self-hate. And, ultimately, I want them to feel empowered that they can recognize anti-Blackness in themselves and continue this journey of unlearning and letting the bullshit go.

Event Length

2 hours

Event Date and Time

Friday, October 30, 3-5 PM PT

How to Register

Dear Reclaim UGLY Family, we love all of you. However, this event is only for Black people. Thank you for supporting us to love and nurture each other in private. For other ways to get involved, check out our sacred emergent gathering spaces and join our mailing list for upcoming events.

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Presenter Bio

New York–based social justice warrior Denarii (rhymes with ‘canary’) Grace is a bisexual, non-binary/agender, proudly fat, multiply disabled, poor, femme woman. She’s a blues singer-songwriter, poet, freelance writer/essayist/editor, ghostwriter, screenwriter, and public speaker/educator/activist. They were a non-fiction editor at The Deaf Poets Society, an online journal featuring literature and art by D/deaf and disabled people. Denarii’s activism mostly focuses on bi+ (plus) identity and issues, disability, Blackness, and fat acceptance; they also talk a lot about gender, class, colorism and other issues. Her activism today is primarily through their writing, music, and poetry, but she also has abundant experience in public speaking, moderating and participating in panels and webinars, and facilitating workshops, including as a featured speaker at the 2019 AfroPunk Solution Sessions in Brooklyn, New York. As a freelance writer, they have written for Bitch Magazine, Black Youth Project (BYP100), Brooklyn Magazine, Everyday Feminism, Black Girl Dangerous, and The Establishment, among several others. She coined the term “exogender” to describe their (a)gender experience. It’s a term for Black people only. They also founded Fat Acceptance Month in January 2019. Their pronouns are she/they and, as demonstrated, she strongly prefers that people mix it up regularly, if one can remember to do so. 

“Participating in BHO is important to me because 1) I am a living witness to the importance of healing for Black folks 2) I believe that my knowledge, skills, and personal experience with this issue make me well-equipped to address this specific issue and 3) I believe that the larger movement issues (prison/police abolition, destruction of capitalism and white supremacy, reproductive rights, sex worker rights, trans liberation, and many other things) cannot truly move forward (in the long term) without us dealing with our shit, shedding white supremacy and colonialism, and TRULY loving on ourselves and each other (not that fake hotep shit).”

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All Black Healing October Events are Free for all Black People.
If you have the means and desire to financially support this endeavor, please donate here.
But remember, donation or not, you are welcome, wanted, and loved here.

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