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Packing the Invisible Waistpack: Magical Tools for Anti-Racist Action With Encian Pastel and Meg Thomas

Image description: A head shot of Encian, a white person in their mid 30’s with short brown hair that is graying and slightly curly on top, and long stubble. They are gazing directly at the camera and smiling with their lips closed, and wearing a black band-neck button-up shirt with subtle embroidery on the chest, and a bright red cravat, in front of a bright and blurry living room window.
headshot of white, older woman with grey hair, laughing
Image description: This is a picture of a white, older woman with grey hair laughing towards the camera.

“I am participating in Black Healing October and Solidarity Healing September as an act of reparations and to help create the collective virtual spaces and networks I need to hold me as I teach my body to move through white shame, guilt, anxiety and dissociation. I’m participating in order to retrain my body to find joy and presence in this struggle.”
–Encian Pastel

“As a white woman living in the US, it is deeply important for me to stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and Brown people.  If I fail to do that, the world I dream of will surely not come.  If I fail to do that, my own world will be less rooted.”
–Meg Thomas

Event Description

Did you ever wish you had an Anti-Shame Cloak to wear when you’re receiving feedback, so that you can accept the gift without being clouded by shame? How about some magical Goggles that help you perceive the norms of white supremacy culture and the circulation of power? Creating powerful images in our own minds can help us remember and act on our deeply held values. Adding gestures, we can cement these images in our body memory.

In this two-hour workshop, we’ll harness the powers of our imagination and create, share, and practice using magical tools to help us effectively intervene in white supremacy culture. Facilitators will share a set of magical tools that we’ve incorporated into our grounding ritual for an ongoing white affinity space, and we’ll share tips on how these tools have helped our facilitation practice. We’ll give participants time to create a magical tool that fits your unique needs, and an opportunity to integrate the tool into your body memory by practicing it through games and play. 

While we can’t keep these tools in our invisible knapsack because it’s already filled with privilege (McIntosh, 1988), we can keep them in our invisible waistpack, so they’re ready to use at any moment! Or if you prefer, you may keep them in a bottomless pocket or summon them out of thin air. What tool will you create?

Who Is This Event For?

Our target audience is adults who are actively striving for anti-racist action (including self-work), and other facilitators. We will be speaking from our experience facilitating a white affinity space, and as such, whiteness will be centered to a certain extent in this workshop. However, this workshop itself is not a closed affinity space. 

Children’s presence in your space as you participate in this workshop is welcome, but the workshop is not designed for children and youth.

We are not able to provide ASL interpretation or CART services for this workshop. We will do our best to accommodate other needs; please provide details in our registration form.

Event Length

2 hours

Event Date and Time

Sunday, September 27th, 11am – 1pm PT

Suggested Donation

Workshop is $5-50 sliding scale, with a goal of reaching $250 to contribute to Black Healing October; no one turned away for lack of funds.

How to Register

Make sure to scroll down in the Eventbrite box below for donation options.

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Presenter Bio

Encian Pastel (he and they) is a white transgender preschool teacher and childcare activist who believes strongly in the magical powers of play, curiosity, and storytelling in personal and collective healing and growth. Encian is a transplant from the east coast and descendent of European settlers, and currently lives, loves and learns on occupied Ohlone land.

Meg Thomas has been an anti-racist early childhood educator for more than 35 years. She is also a parent and “auntie” to a set of amazing young people.   She believes that it takes a combination of joy and willingness to struggle to do effective anti-racism work in white communities.

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This and all Solidarity Healing September events are organized by Reclaim UGLY and our Non-Black Allies as fundraisers and heart raisers for Black Healing October. Black Healing October will offer 150 hours of free, sacred Healing Events for Black People facilitated by Black people.

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