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Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself With Anna Flurry (she/her/hers)

White page surrounded by pens and plant reads "Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself..."
Image description – Text reads: “Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself…” Text is written in cursive on a white piece of paper, which is on a light brown background and is surrounded by calligraphy pens, a jar of black ink, and long green plants. In small text on the bottom, it reads: “Photo by Kelly Sikkema –”

“Participating in Black Healing October and Solidarity Healing September is important to me because I believe that in order to grow as interconnected, caring communities, we must learn about ourselves and the world that we live in, and we must heal from the toxicity of white supremacy and oppressive hierarchies, as well as from the harm that we have survived and caused. The more we heal ourselves, the more we heal the world, and the more we heal the world, the more we heal ourselves. They are one and the same. And so we will grow these outwardly spiraling, tessalating networks of caring communities engaging in healing and educating practices, and we will build the liberated world that we dream of.”
–Anna Flurry
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Event Description

Imagine this: The lights are dimmed. Maybe there’s a candle casting warm, quivering light. There might be a warm cup of tea, or creamy hot chocolate, or some ruby-red wine next to you. Perhaps you have a little something to nibble on, too. You’re wearing something that you feel gooooood in. Maybe it’s some lacy lingerie. Maybe it’s your favorite sweatpants. You’re lounged across your bed or a plushy armchair, or you’re toeing flirtatious half-circles in your swivel chair. You feel warm and tingly all over, and you know there’s only one person in the world that you want to be with right now: *you.* You chew pensively on the tip of that one pen that writes with perfect, inky strokes, or you run your nails across your keyboard and make that satisfying click-click-click sound. It’s time. The words of adoration start to flow from you, and your love letter to yourself blooms to life.

Join us as we spend two delicious hours learning what we absolutely adore about ourselves, and how to love our whole selves. We will celebrate that self-love in the form of a love letter or love poem that we can cherish and read over and over again for years to come.

Please join our workshop with writing tools ready (paper & pen, computer, dictation device, etc.). You will have the option to have your video turned on or off during this workshop. No writing experience required. There will be space for participants to share their access needs at the beginning of the workshop. If you have an access need that you would like us to know about ahead of time, please reach out to us so that we can make this workshop as comfortable as possible for you.

Who Is This Event For?

Open for anyone and everyone 18+!

Event Length

2 hours

Event Date and Time

Sunday, September 20, 4-6 PM PT

Suggested Donation

$0-$100, with suggested donation of $20; no one turned away for lack of funds.

How to Register

Make sure to scroll down in the Eventbrite box below for donation options.

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Presenter Bio

Person stands with arms out in the wind in front of green field and sky

Image description: A white person with long hair looks towards the sun with a joyful smile on her face. Her arms are spread wide, and her clothes and hair are blowing in the wind. She is wearing a red tank top, a light blue jeans jacket, a black choker, and sunglasses on top of her head. She is standing in front of a green field with a bare tree in the foreground and blue sky in the background.

Anna Flurry (she/her/hers) is an educator, organizer, and immigrant rights advocate living on occupied Ohlone land, also known as Oakland, CA. She is a student of joy and healing, and is learning to let the deep knowledges of the body and the earth lead her in this journey to grow a better world. She believes that knowledge-sharing is a collective experience that is most powerful when each person’s brilliance is lifted up and honored. She also loves colorful jewelry, being in nature, dancing, writing, deep conversations, “trashy” TV, and glitter. Her dream is to make the revolution irresistible to as many people as possible through empowerment, healing work, joy, and a little bit of magic. 🧜🏻‍♀️🌀✨

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This and all Solidarity Healing September events are organized by Reclaim UGLY and our Non-Black Allies as fundraisers and heart raisers for Black Healing October. Black Healing October will offer 150 hours of free, sacred Healing Events for Black People facilitated by Black people.

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