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Bring your parents! An Intergenerational Gathering for White Families With Anna Ostow

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“I want white people to seek and ultimately find where our stake lies in racial justice and the Movement for Black Lives, to find and hold dear how our liberation is bound up in the liberation of others. That is where I find meaning and its what brings me joy. Solidarity Healing September and Black Healing October makes all these connections explicit–that our healing is linked, that my healing can support your healing and vice versa, and allows for a beautiful sharing and distribution of resources in the direction so that one day every single person without exception will have the healing they need and deserve.”
–Anna Ostow
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Event Description

The movement toward racial justice is for everyone- Not just people who know the “right” words or things to say, not just for young people, not for people who have already got everything figured out, but truly for all of us. This will be a workshop space for adults of any generation (gen Z, millennials, or older) to show up together with their parents, aunties, caregivers for a conversation about race and whiteness that moves us toward collective liberation.* We are invited to show up in our family dynamics as they are, no matter where we are along our path to understanding and participating in racial justice. In this workshop, we honor the willingness to show up to the conversation. There will be panel component to this workshop in addition to time for discussion and reflection.

I offer this space out of my dreams to engage in deep anti-racist work with my white liberal family, coupled with the reality that sometimes my self-righteousness, shame, guilt, and just plain ol family dynamics get in the way.

*People of all ages are welcome, and you are most welcome to join this workshop without attending with a family member. The energy of the event will still be relevant to conversations and work around race with family, even if that family does not attend!

Who Is This Event For?

White adults and then their older family. This event is not oriented towards children.

Event Length

1.5 hours

Event Date and Time

Sunday, September 13, 12-1:30 PM PT

Suggested Donation

$45-5 dollars; no one turned away for lack of funds

How to Register

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Presenter Bio

Anna Ostow is a silly & passionate white queer Ashkenazi Jew who loves bringing people together in community in ways that allow them to be their full selves, on purpose. She is a facilitator with the Untraining, a racial justice education community based in the Bay Area that emphasizes starting with ourselves when it comes to unlearning racism, and also a current staff intern at the Smith Center for Religious & Spiritual Life. Facilitating and participating in healing with others is pretty much her favorite thing. She’s also learning the fiddle, loves to be outside, and fortunately for the times, also loves to be inside.

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This and all Solidarity Healing September events are organized by Reclaim UGLY and our Non-Black Allies as fundraisers and heart raisers for Black Healing October. Black Healing October will offer 150 hours of free, sacred Healing Events for Black People facilitated by Black people.

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