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A Rage Lit By Love: Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Full Moon Release Ritual, and Community Sharing Circle

Reclaim UGLY's Solidarity Healing September presents A Rage Lit By Love flyer
Image description: A red outline of hands, palms up and open, cup a collage of yellow and red fire that sprouts red, pink, and purple hearts and blue smoke. There is an ASL Interpretation symbol. Text reads: Reclaim UGLY’s Solidarity Healing September presents A Rage Lit By Love. Guided meditation with Vanessa Lewis, Sound Healing with Erica Richardson, Full Moon Release Ritual with Caleb Luna, Tender Open Mic/Community Sharing Circle. September 30th, 4:30 Pm – 6:30 PM PT. Learn More at

Event Description

Dearest & Most Beloved UGLY Family,

Let us begin with We Love You. We cannot say this enough – we love you, we love you, we love you, and we want to be with you very much.

Our community is currently navigating some tense times with the loss of loved ones to violence and medical injustice; the disappointing but unsurprising court protections afforded to Breonna Taylor’s murderers; the extraneous deportations and border injustice; the death of RBG and what that potentially means for our civil rights; the way the judicial system is continuously used to target and exploit BIPOC, sex workers, and IPV survivors; and the ever increasing numbers of Covid 19 cases and deaths.

And yet still, we are here: loving ourselves, loving each other, and trying to imagine and implement real change in real time.

While we do this critical work, we deserve the softness, sweetness, and love needed to move through it all and continue creating a world where we can all thrive. We need to keep our hope and determination alive – and liberatory hope depends on collaboration, imagination, and company in order to sustain itself.

This is why we have renamed & re-imagined Solidarity Healing September 2020’s FINAL gathering. What was once called, “This Is Just The Beginning,” is now titled, “A Rage Lit By Love.” Because the truth is, this is not the beginning. We and our ancestors have been navigating this fight for so long, and as Fannie Lou Hamer lamented, “[we are] sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

But we refuse to allow this exhaustion to kill us. We refuse to allow this rage to destroy our bodies and our relationships with each other and the movement. A Rage Lit By Love will be a sacred place to name and nurture our feelings, to connect with source of our frustration (fierce, passionate love for the people being harmed – including ourselves), to speak our truths into existence, and to nurture ourselves with the tenderness we deserve.

Loved Ones, if you are consumed with anger, please bless yourself with grace and compassion. Trust that your anger is a fierce and potent one and it is fed, lit, and motivated by your love for people who dont get enough love in this world. We need your anger. BUT, we need to make sure that anger doesn’t dehydrate your spirit, doesn’t consume your creativity and imagination, and doesn’t turn you into a colonial and capitalist weapon of destruction.

Come spend some loving time with us. And if you’re feeling too overwhelmed, take a moment to breath, and speak or sign these affirmations to yourself.

My Anger Is Rooted In Love.

It is rooted in love for Black and Indigenous people of color.
It is rooted in love for women, queer people, trans people, and non-binary people.
It is rooted in love for the men who resist the patriarchy and those who are severely compromised by it.
It is rooted in love for chronically ill and disabled people.
It is rooted in love for undocumented people and immigrants.
It is rooted in love for currently and formerly incarcerated people.
It is rooted in love for sex workers and for sex trafficked people.
It is rooted in love for fat people.
It is rooted in love for people who have survived and who are currently suffering from intimate partner violence.
It is rooted in love for the people who have dedicated their lives and energy to fighting systems of oppression, neglect, abuse, and uglification.

It is rooted in love for children and the adults who nurture them.

It is rooted in love for our ancestors and our future generations.

It is rooted in love for all of us.

We know that love will keep us strong and whole as we ground our hearts in the determination and motivation needed to keep doing this very important work. This event is also our thank you! Thank you SO very much for all that Solidarity Healing September is, all it has brought our community, and the blessings its birthed for Black Healing October. We are beyond grateful for this experience. Thank you for your love and support fam.

What to Bring

Something to write with for our Full Moon Release Ritual and an open heart. ❤

Event Length

2 hours

Event Date and Time

Wednesday, September 30, 4:30-6:30 PM PT

Suggested Donation

Pay what you can, suggested donation $10-50. No one turned away for lack of funds.

How to Register

Make sure to scroll down in the Eventbrite box below for donation options.

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This and all Solidarity Healing September events are organized by Reclaim UGLY and our Non-Black Allies as fundraisers and heart raisers for Black Healing October. Black Healing October will offer 150 hours of free, sacred Healing Events for Black People facilitated by Black people.

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