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Welcome to
Black Healing October!

Flyer for Black Healing October
Image description: Two photos including Vanessa Lewis, a fat Black queer woman. Left: Three Black women, Vanessa and her family, standing together, smiling. Right: Vanessa and her partner Eri, a fat non-binary person, laughing in the sun, wearing floral headbands.

Family, whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever your experiences are, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE! You are home and you are safe. This space is for us and by us – to grow, to heal, to love, to laugh, to wail, to release, and to be. This is a shame free, judgement free, JOY space. We love you. Lets Uplift Glorify and Love Ourselves Together – And Create A World Where Others Can As Well!

Image description: 13 intergenerational Black people relax, read, eat, giggle, do hair, nap, and frolic on a beach beside a palm tree. There are ASL Interpretation logos. Text says, “FREE ONLINE HEALING & JOY EVENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY. FOR BLACK PEOPLE BY BLACK PEOPLE EXCLUSIVELY. ASL INTERPRETATION OFFERED! WWW.BLACKHEALINGOCTOBER.ORG”

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Dara is standing on a wooden bridge with a forest behind her, and is wearing a white shirt with a flower behind her ear.
Image description: A photo of Dara smiling, standing on a wooden bridge with a forest behind her, and wearing a white shirt with a yellow flower behind her right ear.

Always With the Breath With Dara Robinson

Explore your mind, body, and spirit as you progress through three of the eight limbs of yoga: pranayama, asana, and dhyana. Pranayama is the “regulation of life force energy” or, more simply stated, breath work. This will be explained and practiced at the beginning of class, giving you new, highly accessible tools to regulate your energy. The majority of class will include an all-level vinyasa flow that will emphasis mindfulness and strength. There will be a two-part, guided visualization meditation that will leave you feeling empowered, grateful, and refreshed. My intention is to keep you deeply attached to your inhales and exhales allowing your breath to move and heal your body.

Sunday, October 25, 2-3:30 PM PT

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Onika and Windafire, two happy light-skinned Black humans whisper in a huge pink flower.
Image description: Seated inside of neon hibiscus flowers, your Black Indigenous Rest Doulas, Onika Reigns and Windafire joyfully conspire to bring sleep / rest / dreams to Black, Indigenous people. Onika is smiling as Windafire whispers in her ear.

Rest Is Always Possible With Black Dream Escape

Black Dream Escape will offer a collective rest session. Using original music, meditations, storytelling, and breathwork that centers Black and Indigenous experience. We will guide participants into a rested state. Time will be given afterwards to asses, reflect and offer feedback about how to develop a personal Rest Practice.

Sunday, October 25, 4:30-6:30 PM PT

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A nonbinary Black womxn facing the camera head on.
Image description: A nonbinary Black womxn facing the camera head on.

Blackened NVC With Jihan McDonald

In this workshop we’ll cover the core principles of NVC and explore what it means to have NVC consciousness while looking at how to use NVC in ways that are culturally responsive and appropriate for Black folks. Participants will have the chance to have Q & A with the facilitator, reflect personally on how NVC can best serve them, and practice with each other Theater of the Oppressed style. We’ll also be incorporating tools like meditation, visualization, and somatic practices that compliment the development of NVC consciousness.

Monday, October 26, 12-5 PM PT (with a 1-hour break from 2-3 PM PT)

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A photo of Amira Aro
Image description: A photo of Amira, a light skinned Black person with a curly side ponytail, big black cat eye glasses, black lipstick, and a black shirt with a white spider web design all over looks calmly at the camera.

Protect Your Magic 2.0 With Amira Aro

We’re back! And this time talking about what does it mean to have boundaries as disempowered people navigating power imbalances in interpersonal relationships. How do we protect ourselves as Black MaGes, especially those of us who face the most extreme of oppression in a country that continues to disrespect and harm us? How does it affect our relationships with friends and loved ones even? And how to we assert our needs, personally and beyond?

Tuesday, October 27, 1:30-3:00 PM PT

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A photo of Amber Flame
Image description: A brown-skinned woman with short curly black hair wears bright red with a black triangle necklace, head thrown back in laughter, against a blue and white sky background.

Self-Care Is Hard! Let’s Nap About It. With Amber Flame

Self Promise-keeping: through sound bath, breath work, and writing/journaling, we are able to access the parts of us patiently awaiting creative expression. Uncovering and naming the broken promises we’ve made to ourselves is the beginning of healing and recommitment to our individual thriving. Lay the groundwork to welcome your best self back home to your body.

Tuesday, October 27, 4:30-6:00 PM PT

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“Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.” – bell hooks

We love you! Let’s do this together!
A Black femme stands holding a sign above their head that reads "BLACK FEMMES MATTER"
Image Description: A Black femme holds a sign above their head, reading “BLACK FEMMES MATTER”. They are standing on a sidewalk, wearing jeans, heels, a gray t-shirt with illegible text, and their hair is half in a topknot, wearing gold hoops and red lipstick.

What is Black Healing October?

A Black person with a beard and a cap sits laughing at a table. The wall behind them has sheets of paper with writing.

Black Healing October is a month-long journey of Black people creating sacred spaces for Black people (of all ages, identities, genders, and sexual orientations) to connect, heal, grow, learn, relax, love, imagine, and transcend with each other. As a family.

This space is all Black, for us and by us, and completely free. There will be workshops for everyone, wherever you are in your journey. Some workshops will center the needs of specific identities within our community, some will foster spaces for more unity and understanding across difference, and some will focus on our collective rest, healing, creativity and pleasure. Some workshops are interactive and facilitated, while others are performances or lectures. Every healer, facilitator, and artist who joins us is committed to creating welcoming, inclusive spaces. You are safe with us. While all our healers will be paid, the only thing we want from you – our attendees, our family – is to find healing, joy, pleasure, and community. 

Image Description: A Black person sits at a table laughing. They have a beard, a gray cap, a white button-up shirt, a gray tie, and a plaid vest. The wall behind them is covered with sheets of paper with multi-colored words written on them. The table has a water glass and flowers.

We Aspire to:

A Black femme stands amongst some flowers, looking peaceful.
  • Center + Honor the critical importance of Black & Sacred Healing Spaces
  • Create opportunities for Black people to breathe, rest, and release tension together
  • Establish shame-free spaces where we can be fully embodied and open-hearted
  • Hear and be heard by each other without the risk of judgement or ostracization
  • Promote more Black love, connection, & understanding across our identity differences
  • Connect Black people with Black Healers who know + understand their lived experiences
  • Build intersectional healing experiences that affirm Black people on the margins
  • Put more dollars in the pockets of Black healers, educators, artists, and activists
  • Decrease the violence, heal the trauma, and increase the compassion in our communities and relationships with others.

Image Description: A Black femme stands surrounded by yellow flowers with a peaceful expression. They are wearing a black v-neck shirt, beaded necklaces, a colorful skirt, and hoop earrings with the shape of Africa. Their hair is dreaded with some locs wrapped in colored thread.

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Image Description: two Black people sit, leaning their heads together, with their eyes closed and peaceful, contented expressions. They both have curly black hair adorned with yellow flowers, and their faces and shoulders are covered in blue, pink, and purple gemstones.

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